Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I'm back...I can tell you care.

I feel i should apologise for being absent for the last month or so but work has kept me busy and to be honest I wasn't sure were to begin with blogging about recent events.

At least in Birmingham we remain a fascist free zone. I have never felt so miserable watching election night, not only did the Uk elect its first BNP MEPs but Labour managed to come second in Wales! Second in Wales for god's sake! Almost more worrying was the collapse of support for Labour across vast swathes of Southern England from Cornwall to Kent.

But tomorrow is another day, Brown is still PM and I welcome Bradshaw, Ainsworth and Kinnock into the cabinet all of whom I admire. Labour has no choice but to unite and support the PM as we enter a crucial year not only for GB but also for the Labour Party.

I, like many others have been disgusted by the likes of Purnell, Blears and Caroline Flint, they are cowards and can't even organise a coup. They have no support in the mainstream party and deserve to sat on the backbenches. I have a wee feeling that Cameron has still not sealed the deal with the British public, it is one thing to want Brown out but quite another to want Cameron in.

And perhaps worst of all we have to put up with Twenty20 cricket!

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